Topics: Oncology, Cancer, Chemotherapy Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: October 22, 2011
1. Assuming Biocon receives approval for BioMab, should it launch the drug immediately or conduct phase 3 trials before launch? Elaborate on the various elements of your action plan. 2. How big is the current and future market opportunity in BIOMAb? The current market opportunity of BIOMAb is limited but the future is going to be bigger. In 2004, the 5-year prevalence (number of people diagnosed with cancer and still alive after 5 years) was 375,000 and the incidence (new cases per year) was 132,000 for head and neck cancer in India. However, only 1% percent of the Indian population can afford the drug. According to Biocon estimates in 2007, the market potential for BIOMAb in head and neck cancer based on incidence and % affordability was 1,900 patients new cases per year. The market opportunity will be bigger in India because of the country’s improving economy (9% yearly) and increasing population (1.4% population growth rate). BIOMAb can also be marketed abroad and the international incidence is at least 7-8X that in India. BIOMAb may also be approved for other indications such as for colorectal cancer. The incidence rate for colorectal cancer in India in 2004 was 33,000 but internationally it was 1,023,000 and the 5-yr prevalence 2,830,000. However, BIOMAb has a competitor in the international arena, Erbitux, which had been approved by US FDA for colorectal cancer in 2004 and introduced in India in April 2006 for colorectal cancer.

3. Who is the buyer for BIOMAb? What is the decision making unit in this case? What are the benefits that each member of the decision making unit seeks from BIOMAb? ???The buyers for BIOMAb are the oncology doctors who will make the decisions and recommendations to their patients as to what treatment their patients will receive. The decision making unit is……. The benefits that each member of the decision making unit seeks include BIOMAb effectiveness in the treatment of cancer, affordability...
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