Topics: Blood, Blood substitutes, Blood transfusion Pages: 4 (1020 words) Published: April 17, 2013
1. What are the reasons for and against launching Oxyglobin? Reasons FOR launching Oxyglobin| Reason AGAINST launching Oxyglobin| Setting the preferences for the customer, framing their perceptions of later entrants, becoming the standard| Risk of justifying price premium in human market vs. vet| Conduct pre-emptive positioning to raise the barriers to entry in to this market| Human market much larger and more lucrative than vet market| Develop relationships with customers and build brand loyalty| Move focus from human market and create complexity in a small company with limited resources| Opportunity to define the market in the veterinarian space| The vet space learning’s may not transfer to the human market| Reduce the risk associated with putting all the focus on the human market, especially when FDA approvals are not guaranteed| Investment in vet market may not pay off, creating financial risk on launching in human market| Generate revenues to launch Hemopure| |

Educate company on “go to market” learning curve to inform launch in human market| | First to launch in the vet market provides a pioneering advantage for Biopure| |

2. What is the current number of dogs that receive blood transfusions? 354,750 What is the potential number of dogs? 4,257,000
What is the current size in units in market for dogs? 1 bag per/small medium dog and 2 bag per/large dog 354,750*1.5 units on average = 532,125 units What is the potential size in units in market for dogs? 1 bag per/small medium dog and 2 bag per/large dog 4,257,000* 1.5 units on average = 6,385,500 units

| Primary Care | Acute Care| |
Number | 14250| 750| |
Indications / Year| | | |
Acute blood loss | 800| | |
Would Benefit | 30%| | |
Received Transfusion | 2.50%| | |
Potential Multiplier| 12| | |
Transfusions / Practice| 17| 150| |
| | | |
| Primary Care | Acute Care| Total|
Current Volume | 242250|...
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