BIO113 W1 Assignment

Topics: Metabolism, Muscle, Energy Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: May 4, 2015
BIO113 Anatomy and Physiology
Week 1 Assignment – Cells in the Lab
October 11, 2013
Part 1

While researching the latest equipment on the market for analyzing cells in the lab, I came across the Physiospect Diagnostics NLS.

This unit was developed in Russia by inventor Vladimir Zagriadski. Under the name of Physioscan and Physiospect, it is a tool which is marketed to the alternative medicine field. Physiospect is a computer-based product which is to be able to make diagnoses of diseases in a very short time only by an analysis of electromagnetic waves. Nach Spekulationen des Herstellers sollen die gemeinten elektromagnetischen Wellen vom Körper der untersuchten Person ausgehen. It is able to interpret the electromagnetic waves emanating from the body of the person examined. Zusätzlich soll das System auch im Sinne der therapeutische Effekte haben. In addition, the system also uses bio-resonance to achieve therapeutic effects. Das System ist weitgehend identisch mit dem Scharlatanerieprodukt . The system is largely identical to the Scharlatanerieprodukt Introspect. According to the manufacturer, an infrared laser emits a laser beam on the surface of the head. The person being examined wears headphones which allows the system to hear the waves of bio-feedback which originate from the brain stem. The headphones are connected to a computer. Readings from the headphones allow a type of radio directional finding which attempt to locate certain frequencies specific to certain diseases of the body. The system can also be used to provide therapeutic effects. Diese werden undeutlich als "Meta Therapie" bezeichnet. These are referred to vaguely as "meta therapy." Das System sende so genannte "harmonisierende Frequenzen" aus. The system sends "harmonizing frequencies" which interact with the body’s own frequencies to formNach Angaben handele es sich um eine "Bicom Therapie", wobei hierbei eindeutig ein Zusammenhang mit der Bioresonanz hergestellt wird. a...
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