Bio State Lab: Does Exercise Effect the Role a Which You can Squeeze a Clothes Pin?

Topics: Muscle, Blood, Heart Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Bio State lab

Purpose: Does exercise effect the role a which you can squeeze a clothes pin?

Background Information: Blood transports nutrients, oxygen and water to every cell in the body. There are 2 kinds of blood cells, red and white The primary function of white blood cells is to fight germs. The heart is made of muscle tissue, so exercise will make the heart pump. The heart supplies oxygen to our muscles when we are exercising and to our brain to keep us alert. The 3 elements of fitness are stamina, strength and flexibility. Strength is the amount of force muscles exert when performing a action. The ability of the heart and blood vessels is to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body's tissue, including muscle is stamina. Flexibility is the ability of the joints to move freely and without discomfort. When exercising, the muscles need more oxygen because muscles work harder than normal. So there is a increase in blood flow and heart rate.

Hypothesis: Exercise will make the Rate of clothes pin squeezing decrease because exercise takes energy away form the muscle.

4 clothes pins
4 test subjects that are about same age and 2 of each gender

1.) have the control group rest by sitting on the floor with their back against a wall for 1 minute, the group doing this is the control group. 2.) have the experimental group run up and down the stairs for 1 minute, this is the Independent variable, have this be done at the same time as the control group rests. 3.) have both the control group and experimental group squeeze the clothes pin for 1 minute right after they finished resting or running. Have them count the number of times they squeeze the clothes pin. 4.) record the number of times it was squeezed, or dependent variable on a data table. 5.) repeat this

6.) graph the results on a bar graph

Conclusion: The hypothesis for the experiment was...
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