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Topics: Primate, Chordate, Phylum Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Natural selection _________. a. results in evolutionary adaptation b. is the result of sampling error c. does not affect allelic frequencies d. prepares organisms for future changes in the environment e. causes changes in the genes of the individual Biologically speaking, fitness increases when an organism _______________. a. survives many hardships b. lives for a long time c. passes on a greater proportion of its genes to the next generation d. is disease free e. gets stronger The evolutionary history of a group of organisms is called __________________. a. phylogeny b. cladistics c. parsimony d. taxonomy e. morphology Which of the following is a characteristic of all chordates? a. they all have a notochord b. they all have a vertebral column c. they all have an exoskeleton d. they all exhibit radial symmetry e. They all have four limbs __________ are the simplest animals that exhibit bilateral symmetry. a. Annelids b. Sponges c. Flatworms d. Roundworms e. Hominids Natural populations of lemurs are found only in ______________. a. Peru b. Bolivia c. Madagascar d. Tasmania e. Congo Species found in only one place on Earth are called ________ species. a. hot spot b. native c. exotic d. keystone e. endemic

____________ are the driest of all terrestrial biomes. a. Deserts b. Temperate grasslands c. Savannas d. Coniferous forests e. Tundra When a nipple is placed in a newborn baby’s mouth, the infant will immediately begin to suckle. This is an example of ____________. a. imitation b. innate behavior c. imprinted behavior d. Habituation e. Learning Assume that there are 5 alligators per hectare in a swamp in northern Florida. This is a measure of the alligator population’s ____________. a. range b. density c. dispersion d. intrinsic rate of increase e. clumpiness The feeding relationships among the species of a community is the community’s ______________. a. niche b. diversity c. trophic structure d. Richness e. dispersion Earthworms have a(n) ______________. a....
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