Bio Psychosocial Assessment

Topics: Family, Interpersonal relationship, Grandparent Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Identifying information
Cynthia is a divorced 47 year old mother of two sons, Stanley age 27 and George age19. Both of her sons live at home with her. Stanley, who is trainable mentally impaired, requires a lot of Cynthia’s attention. George attends Oakland Community College with plans on transferring to a four year university in his junior year. Cynthia has a great relationship with both of her children. Cynthia is in the middle class income range grossing $65,000 a year. She is an African American who owns her home and resides in the city of Detroit. Cynthia attended the University of Detroit and currently has 98 credit hours towards her accounting degree. She is currently employed as a protective officer working full time. Presenting problem

Cynthia states she has not been feeling like herself lately. Her energy levels are low, unable to sleep, irritable, feels sad often, lacks interest in hanging out with friends, and is unable to recall simple things. She states she would prefer to stay in and eat her favorite foods than go out on a date or meet up with friends. Psychological information

Cynthia has become withdrawn, displays shifts in her mood with the inability to sleep, low energy, changes in her eating habits, and a pessimistic attitude towards life. Cynthia loss her mom to cancer four years ago and has had two failed relationships since the passing of her mom. Cynthia’s loss contact with her older sister Barbara due to a conflict in regards to their mother’s estate. Cynthia’s last relationship was with a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who was verbally and physically abusive. Cynthia does not trust men and has a strong lack of trust for white people. Cynthia feels that most people are opportunists and have hidden agendas. She stated the one person she trusted the most in life is no longer with her. She views herself as a good hearted person that attracts the wrong type of people. Cynthia believes she has had to deal with a...
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