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Topics: Family, Judaism, South Carolina Pages: 3 (642 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Bio-Psycho-Social- Spiritual Assessment
SOWK 312
University of South Carolina College of Social Work

Client Identifying Information
I met with Louis Sutter on Sunday, March 31, 2013. Daniel is a twenty two year old Jewish white male. He currently resides at 123 Apple Road, Columbia, SC, 29205. He is currently studying full time at USC-Columbia and unemployed. He is not married, but in a two year relationship with his girlfriend, Taylor. He was referred to me from the counseling center at USC-Columbia. He was sent to me for anxiety and stress management. Source of Data

I received documents from USC- Columbia’s counseling Center, and health records from his primary doctor. I had consent from the client as well as his counselor and his primary physician. The client followed counselor’s advice and made an appointment with me voluntarily. Description and development of presenting problem

Louis is currently in counseling where his counselor suggested he specifically seek stress and anxiety management. He is a full time student who is struggling to balance the demands of college and time management which has recently triggered a significant amount of stress and anxiety. My client sought my assistance after struggling to complete assignments on their due dates. Family History

Louis currently resides in Columbia but is originally from Greenville, South Carolina. In Columbia, he lives with two roommates. Their names are Brandon and Jeffery. They are both Jewish white male students in their twenties. Louis and his roommates take part in a Jewish fraternity. Louis is the second child to Jane and Rueben Sutter. His parents are middle aged. He has an older sister named Jori who is twenty seven. Louis is very close to his mother, Jane. Louis is also close to his maternal grandfather. He does not interact that much with his paternal family. Client History

Louis was born on March 20, 1991. He graduated high school in 2009....
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