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The Administration for Children Services mission is to protect and promote the safety and well-being of NYC’s children, families, and communities by providing excellent child welfare juvenile justice, and early care and education services. The Child protective (Case Manager) services duties are to protect and strengthen children families and young adults by intervening and implementing services for families when needed. They are to provide resources to places where the families can receive assistance needed to help improve and/or maintain the overall stability of the family, while insuring the welfare of the children under New York City guidelines. Acs also provides early learn education for parents and children who qualify for their service. Acs Case managers provide interventions services during or following investigations or initial assessments. Case management involves working with families to establish goals, creating plans to achieve the goals, providing services to meet needs identified in assessments, monitoring progress toward achievement of the goals, and closing cases when goals have been achieved. The case manager works closely with the family to identify strengths and challenges and, together with the family and a community of providers, develops a case plan with a goal of preserving or reunifying the family which can provide a safe environment for the child(ren). Clients: Santana family who consist of, Alfredo Santana who is the biological father to Hector and Vanna Santana is 5 years old and Hector Santana is 2 months old. Bonnie Santana is their biological mother and also married to Alfredo. Demographics: The Santana family is an English speaking, Hispanic catholic family. Bonnie and Alfredo Santana whom are married and share two children together, Hector and Vanna Santana. The Santana family recently moved from their neighborhood (Crown Heights Brooklyn that they grew up in due to loss of income, which has caused the Santana family to be isolated from family and friends. Alfredo and Bonnie Santana are currently unemployed and they receive Public assistance benefits from HRA’s TANF program. The Santana family’s sole income is provided from TANF. Alfredo do not possess an high school Diploma and refuses to participate in HRA’s employment plan and the family’s benefits are being sanctioned. Referral Source: The Santana family has been referred to our agency from the emergency hospital department by the social worker for child neglect and abuse. The physician’s preliminary report indicates that the injuries sustained by Vanna & Hector appear to be non- accidental treatment. Vanna has facial bruising, a broken nose & two loose teeth. Hector has a high fever and a bruised scrotum. The client isn’t aware of the neglect which was caused by her which led to the abuse or allegations of abuse. The Santana Family presenting problems appear to be as follows, Alfredo and Bonnie have been suspected child neglect it has also been noted that the Santana family has a financial problem with maintaining a steady income. There also appears to be some history of domestic violence.

The Santana family has a history of having mid to low income from Alredo’s work. Childcare wasn’t needed at the time because Bonnie stay’s home with the children. Due to low economic status Bonnies has made job inquiries against Alfredo’s wishes. The Santana family has no prior history documented for child abuse or neglect. The Santana family has come to ACS due to the non-accidental injuries sustained by their children Vanna and Hector. Vanna told a nurse that Bonnie left out and asked Vanna to help Alfredo to watch Hector while she was out despite what she told our officials. The Santana family income has decreased due to Hectors drinking he cannot hold a steady income and he won’t allow Bonnie to work at all. This has become a major problem causing the Santana family to move into a smaller apartment. Bonnie has help from public...
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