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Heather Burnach
October 29, 20012

Bio 10
The animal kingdom contains a vast array of species. The most rare to come by are the endangered animals. Because of changes to animals habitats, climate differences, and other factors, certain animals are starting to die out. Biodiversity is a very popular subject. The third major threat to biodiversity is the over exploitation of wildlife. This is the case with the cheetah. The cheetah became an endangered species in 2008 and was added onto the endangered species and animals list, so the cheetah is a relatively new endangered species. Cheetahs originated more than 4 million years ago. Cheetahs are known to be one of the fastest animals. The cheetahs scientific name is Acinonyx jubatus. The name cheetah comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'speckled bodie' (Brian Bertram 1978). The cheetah originally inhabited the dry area of Africa and Asia, from Morocco and Algeria to the Transvaal, into Egypt, and Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia, and India. Cheetahs are found usually in most of Africa and parts of the middle east. it is endangered not in just one of these location but everywhere they are located around the world. Cheetahs live mainly in grassland savannahs. They like to be where bushes grow, medium length grass, trees and small hills. You will rarely find a cheetah that lives in a semi-desert , dense woodland area. Cheetahs are felines and are relatives to other cats such as tigers, jaguars, snow leopards, leopards and lions. There is only about 15,000- 25,000 cheetahs left in Africa and about 1000 are being held captive (Brian Bertram 1978). Cheetahs are very important to our wildlife and they are rapidly being killed and not to many people are helping solve this problem. The only way to help these animals is if us the people do something to help them.

The cheetah is a very beautiful animal that has large black spots and a few small faint ones that intersperse among them. Each cheetah has spots located on...

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