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Topics: Natural selection, Adaptation, Hunting Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Analysis Questions:

Define Natural Selection?
Natural Selection is the process by which individuals with inherited characteristics well-suited to their environment leave more offspring on average than do individuals with adaptations less suited to the environment.

Define Adaptation?
Adaptation is an inherited characteristic that improves an organism’s ability ti survive and reproduce in a particular environment.

What adaptation did certain moths have that increased their fitness (ability to survive)? Some moths had an adaptation that was called Industrial Melanism which caused the dark variety of peppered moth to be more common. Due to this it caused the moths to be less visible to the predators.

Knowing that we started with 30 of each of white and yellow “paper moths” in the simulation, and considering the numbers your hunters picked up, how many of each type of paper moths survived after each trail: Trail One: 3 White Paper Moth & 9 Yellow Paper Moth

Trail Two: 4 White Paper Month & 7 Yellow Paper Moth
Trail Three: 13 White Paper Moth & 18 Yellow Paper Moth

What did the experiment show about how prey are selected by predators? This experiment showed that predators turn to those that are the more visible prey, which in this case were the yellow paper moths. Since the yellow were more visible compared to the white moths, thats what predators use as their preys.

6.How does the simulation model natural selection?
If one month was to simulate the environment, the survival of the moths within the simulated environment demonstrates natural selection.

Did the experiment work in the way it was supposed to? Why/why not? Yes the experiment did work the way it was supposed to because this experiment was done to show that paper moths that match the colour of their environment carry a better adaptation that permits them to survive. Therefore in this experiment the white paper moths had a higher chance of surviving in their environment than the...
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