Bio Lap Report on Thermo Regulation

Topics: Thermodynamics, Temperature, Fahrenheit, Heat, Experiment / Pages: 7 (1633 words) / Published: Mar 7th, 2012
Year 10 MYP Chemistry
Investigating Thermoregulation

Research Question.

How does varying the surface area to volume ratio (2.0046: 1, 1.4923: 1, 0.9425: 1, 0.6480:1, 0.5970:1) affect the amount of heat lost over a period of 6 minutes of 50cm3 water with a temperature above 50?

b. Prediction and Hypothesis.
Make a prediction about what you expect to be the outcome. Explain your prediction using scientific ideas.

I predict that the bigger the surface area to volume ratio, the lesser the heat will be lost. And the smaller the surface area to volume ratio the more heat will be lost.


Independent Variable.

The surface area, volume ratio of the beaker

Dependent Variable.

The temperature of the water/The amount of heat lost

Controlled Variables.

The apparatus
The volume of water used 50cm3
The time intervals the temperature is measured over
Surface on which the experiment will be done (conduction)
The same shape of beaker



• 5 beakers each of a different Surface area to volume ratio
• 1 thermometer
• 500 cm3 Hot water
• 1 Stopwatch
• 1 Kettle
• 5 Lid with a hole

Table of apparatus:

Name of Apparatus Picture of Apparatus Use of apparatus/ Errors
1. Beaker of different Surface area to volume ratio 2.0046: 1
1.4923: 1
0.9425: 1
0.5970:1 This will be used to store the water and heat. The errors may be that make sure the outside temperature of the beaker is the same as if a beaker was just used, the surface is still hot and hence that may affect results.
2. Thermometer This is used to take the temperature of water. However the errors may be reading errors as not reading accurately.
3. Hot water This is going to be the water inside the beaker of which the temperature will be taken. However one error would be that the temperature of the hot water is sure to change so make sure to take the original temperature before your experiment.
4. Stopwatch

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