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Review Questions
3. Animals benefit from the relationship with plants because they are able to get rewards such as pollen and nectar. With these they have the ability to continue on with their daily work.

Applying Your Knowledge
1. The rise in prominence of one major group does not necessarily result in the total replacement of a previously dominant group because one group may work better in the part than the other group. Gymnosperms for example produce excess amount of pollen, they are wind pollinated and they reach the appropriate species by chance. With angiosperms pollination occurs with the help of insects, birds, and bats. Each group uses a different method, one can work well in one environment while the other one works well in a completely different environment, there’s some sort of balance between them. Even though wind pollination is risky and pollinations with animals is a safer bet 3. Plants need the insects to carry the pollen to seeds. Since the neighbor sprayed insecticide because the Japanese beetles attacked their rose garden, there are no insects there to carry the pollen. Fruits won’t form unless the flowers are pollinated. Insects are considered pollinators for plants, without them the pollen would not go around. Pollination is needed to produce new seeds and create a wide variety of plants. 4. Table 16.7

Uses of Seeds Plants: Angiosperms and Gymnosperms
Uses of PlantsExampleAngiosperm/Gymnosperm
MedicineAloe VeraGymnosperm
DyesColorado FirGymnosperm

5. Review the introduction to Lab Topic 15 plant diversity 1 and describe the major trends in the evolution of land plants. The major trend is leaning toward the sporophyte dominating the life cycle, which means the gametophyte is decreasing. The reason why sporophyte might be dominating is because unlike gametophyte, which restores its diploid number by fusing its gametes with other gametes to form the zygote, it has its haploid spores germinate to form a new haploid gametophyte plant.

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