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My Autobiography
About Me 
I love reading. I read almost all kinds of novels, picture books, and some magazines. As a result, I’m full of creativity and imagination. Sometimes I also listen to the radio, and my favorite radio station is ICRT. I’m outgoing and I like to mingle with people and make friends. My hobbies are extensive. Thus, I’m eager to explore and try new things.  

My Personalities 
“You make people open their hearts up to you,” said one of my bosom friends. Not until then did I realize why my friends tended to share feelings and thoughts without reservation. In addition, several friends of mine also told me that when they were having a heart-to-heart talk with me, they connected with me at ease and with a strong sense of security. I always listen attentively to others, and because of my sensitivity, I can observe something that others don’t. Probably I was naturally born with it. Also, my family has a great influence on my personalities. My mom taught me to be optimistic, and the love and warmth I have got taught me to be strong. Therefore, it is easy for me to find hope and comfort as I go through difficult times in my life.  

School Award and other activities 
​I graduated from elementary school with the Mayor’s Award for Excellence. Also I graduated from junior high school with the Mayor’s Award for Excellence. In senior high school, first year, I was awarded the Outstanding Improvement in Academic Work; junior year, I was elected the class leader; senior year, I was the one of the top three in English. I also managed to pass the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) at the intermediate level. ​In addition, I would like to make a positive difference in society, and to inspire my friends to think about how they might contribute to the underprivileged. Therefore, when I was in first year of high school, I participated in a volunteer program commissioned by Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.  

Colorful Life of School...
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