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Topics: Cerebral cortex, Cerebrum, Corpus callosum Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: May 23, 2013
The corpus callosum(CC) links the cerebral cortex of the left and right cerebral hemispheresand is the largest fibre pathway in thebrain. It is approximately 10cms in length and is shaped, like most of the supratentorial structures, in a gentle upwardly convex arch.

The postrior portion of the corpus callosum is called thesplenium; theanteriois called thegenu(or "knee"); between the two is the "body", of the corpus callosum.

genu : forceps minor : connect medial and lateral surfaces of the frontal lobes

rostrum : connecting the orbital surfaces of the frontal lobes

trunk (body) : pass through the corona radiata to the surfaces of the hemispheres

trunk and splenium : tapetum : extends along the lateral surface of the occipital and temporal horns of the lateral ventricle

splenium : forceps major : connect the occipital lobes

|The corpus callosum is a large bundle of axons that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres. The axons are | |processes of pyramidal cells in the cerebral cortex, and they carry information, in the form of patterns of nerve | |impulses, from cells of one hemisphere to cells in the contralateral hemisphere. The cell bodies of the axons in the | |corpus callosum are found mostly in the second and third layers (the Outer Granular Layer and the Outer Pyramidal Layer, | |respectively) of the cerebral cortex. Coordinated activity of the two hemispheres, and the unity of the brain itself, | |depend on the adequate functioning of the axons in the corpus callosum. | | | |Connections between the right and left halves of the brain are called Commissural Connections. The corpus callosum is the | |largest of the commissural connecting bundles. The axons in the corpus callosum are coated with myelin, a fatty substance | |that...
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