bio asesmnet unit 2

Topics: Chordate, Human evolution, Primate Pages: 3 (657 words) Published: March 5, 2015
Mammals are different from birds in all these characteristics EXCEPT Answer: constant body temperature.
The four defining characteristics of chordates are
Answer: pharyngeal pouches, a dorsal nerve cord, a notochord, and a postanal tail. Which feature is found in the bony fish but not in the cartilaginous fish? Answer: swim bladder
Which of the following groups are considered chordates but are lacking the vertebral column trait? Answer: urochordata & cephalochordates
Predacious meat eaters with large and conical-shaped canines are Answer: carnivores
Lungless salamanders lack lungs and breathe through their skins after they lose their gills. You would expect lungless salamanders to Answer: be restricted to smaller and/or thinner body plans.
What is the main reason that mammals underwent adaptive radiation after the demise of the dinosaurs? Answer: The mammals had little competition so it was easier for them to evolve into the niches that were once occupied by the dinosaurs. Which term can be applied to all of the vertebrates except for the jawless fish? Answer: Gnathostomes

Which of the following groups of chordates would be most impacted by a decrease in the phytoplankton levels in the ocean?
cartilaginous fish & cephalochordates
incorrect : molluscs & cephalochordates
incorrect: amphibians & urochodrates
cephalochordates & urochordates

Which of the following features were required for the the evolution of the amphibians? Answer: notochord, mammary glands, jaws, bony skeleton, lungs and 4 limbs Where on this phylogenetic tree of primate evolution do you find the evolution of humans and species very closely related to humans? correctNo. 1

Where on this phylogenetic tree of primate evolution do you find evolution of the hominids? correctNo. 3
What were the major disadvantages of our early ancestors becoming bipedal? Answer: Lower back problems developed.
Which of the following species, in the human evolutionary line, are believed...
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