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You must get all parts of the question correct to get credit for the question

Step 1 (Can be observed on the following slides, either from your lab kit or from the Labpaq web site (

List the following:
·Location in the body of the following structures
·Slide #/location observed
·One hormone secreted by each

Please pay special attention to properties like shapes, sizes, colors, textures, relationships among structures, plus any interesting or identifiable features. You may want to make drawings of slides so that you would be able to identify this tissue in the future.

Pituitary gland: it’s a pea sized gland located at the base of the brain (center of skull) near the optic nerves. It secretes various hormones one example is the GH – growth hormone. Observed at labpaq web site (pituitary Anterior lobe) Basophils, Acidophils and Chromophobes where observed.

Thyroid gland: is a butterfly shaped gland, located in front of the trachea , secreting hormones T3 triiodothyronine and T4 thyroxine. Observed at the labpaq website and noted in the slide the thyroid follicles, colloid, and simple cuboidal epithelium and C cells.

Parathyroid gland: is located behind the thyroid. It secretes parathyroid hormones - PTH that regulates calcium and phosphate. Observed at labpaq website Chief cells and oxyphil cells were noted.

Thymus gland: it lies under the sternum and above the trachea in the mediastinum it secretes also thymosin. Labpaq website. Noted the medulla, cortex, and Hassall’s corpuscles from infant thymus.

Adrenal gland: Located on the top of the kidneys, it secretes epinephrine slides viewed at labpaq website it was noted connective in the capsule and next to it the adrenal cortex, adrenal medulla and cells and blood vessels.

Step 2: Abbreviations-
·Give the full name of these hormone abbreviations
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