Bio 137 Ch 1 Worksheet: Variables

Topics: Scientific control, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: August 27, 2013
BIO 137
Chapter 1 Worksheet: Variables

1. The control group is Group B, who is not given the special juice.

2. The independent variable is the special juice.

3. The dependent variable in this experiment is how many stacks of stapled papers each group made.

4. Smither’s conclusion should be that the special juice does not increase the productivity of workers, as the group who did not receive it produced more stacks of papers.

5. The experiment could be improved by giving a more basic task and without any extra equipment. Different people stack papers differently and staple differently which could have affected the amount produced in the time allotted. Also equipment, in this case a stapler, could have jammed or malfunctioned causing the results to change.

6. The initial observation is Smither thinking that the special juice will increase the productivity.

7. The control group is the side of the shower that Homer sprayed with only water.

8. The independent variable is the coconut juice.

9. The dependent variable is the green slime.

10. Homer’s conclusion should be that the coconut juice does not actually reduce the green slime, as he used it for 3 days and there were no results.

11. The control group is the group of 10 mice who were not exposed to radiowaves.

12. The independent variable is the radiowaves.

13. The dependent variable is the strength of the mice exposed to the radiowaves.

14. Since the results of Bart’s test were so close, I do not think he should conclude that the radiowaves actually made the mice stronger.

15. Bart’s experiment could be improved by increasing the number of mice in the experiment and increasing the time the mice were exposed to the radiowaves. He could then compare the numbers and if the mice who were exposed to the radiowaves longer moved more blocks of wood, then he could conclude that being to exposed to radiowaves actually works.

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