BIO 120

Topics: Human anatomy, Human, Evolution Pages: 5 (1829 words) Published: March 11, 2015
Danielle Vargas BIO 120, Spring 2015, Section Number 6387 Denis Dutton “a Darwinian theory of beauty” explains what and why people consider things to be beautiful. In Dutton’s short talk, he helps the viewer not only through his examples and ideas but with a continuing comic to keep the viewer interested. Throughout Dutton’s lecture on beauty, pictures are constantly being drawn while he speaks to show and emphasize his key points. I thought this was a fun and interesting video that I would recommend to others because of its creativity and topic. Some of the key points made, were that people appreciate and consider something to be beautiful if it is well done. Whether it be a painting, music or a craft such as jewelry. People think beauty is something that can only be what the eye of the beholder considers pretty but it is really in our evolution and ancestries that has formed out opinions on the idea. The most powerful theory of beauty came from Denis Darwin who was an expert on barnacles, worms and pigeon breeding. The thought of what one considers beautiful does vary from different points of view but it is mainly molded from social experience, society and our prehistoric evolution. Beauty is an evolutionary idea that is constantly changing, however the main attributes stay the same. Humans find beauty in something that is done well. Beauty also has a way of pushing evolution from the necessary desire to reproduce. This idea can be seen in a potential mate as well as a desired scenery. “A Denis Darwin theory of Beauty” was a cute, fun, creative and informational idea on why people consider certain things or attributes to be pretty. The idea of beauty is primarily for evolutionary purposes from mates to scenery and the skill done in a craft. The art work done for the speech appeared to be done on a white board with a black marker. It was a creative idea the captivated me in Dutton’s speech and I would recommend this video to others. I chose to watch Helen Fisher’s “the Brain in Love” because it is everyone’s desire and goal to be loved. I am currently in a long distant relationship and was interested in what Helen Fisher had to say on the effects love has. Fisher did scientific research on the brain and the effects of love using MRIs. She researched people who were in love, been recently dumped and married for up to 25 years and stated that they were still madly in love with one another. After the scans it was shown that three parts of the brain were affected by this strong emotion. Fisher used many poems in her speech to inspire the effects of love. Not only did she talk of it in a positive note but the pain one can feel when rejected. Humans are not the only one capable of love but animals as well. Helen Fisher’s talk was very informative and cute on the thoughts and effects of love. Like Fisher said near the end of her video love is life’s greatest prize. In every society there is love, whether it be in poems, stories and art. Love not only can cause joy and happiness but pain as well. On Earth love is one of the most powerful sensations. Emily Dickinson’s once wrote that parting is all we need to know of hell. The parts of the brain affected by love are the reward system for wanting, motivation, craving and focus when one can’t obtain what they want, the second being calculating gains and losses and the final being associated with deep attachment to another individual. In the middle of the brain called the Ventral Tegmental areas were cells make dopamine is stimulated by love as well as cocaine. Romantic love is a dangerous addiction. Fisher believes that it is a biological reason for this explanation but she is uncertain on how or why a person can be so powerfully drawn to a certain individual. Love is a very powerful thing and many people will do anything to obtain it. The MRIs prove the...
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