Bio 101 Lab Report

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Influencing Natural Selection

Influencing Natural Selection


Influencing Natural Selection
The purpose of this experiment is to test the hypothesis that small bird’s physical characteristics can greatly impact their species population growth over time. Using the Finch as a test subject for multiple trial runs on a simulated computer system we can alter the characteristics of the finch and run diagnostics for two completely different locations and set of experiments. This simultaneous testing and comparison will either prove or disprove the hypothesis that small bird’s physical characteristics can greatly impact their population growth. The base line for this comparison will be two islands labeled island A and B with population A1 of finches on island A and a population of B1 finches on island B. There will be two time allotments used to factor in the population growth for each sets of populations on both islands: beginning with a 100 year scenario and then followed by a 200 year scenario. Using extended timelines will reflect accuracy in the initial 100 year reading and or show that physical characteristics of finch birds only impacts population growth for a specific time period. Each island A and B will be of the same size and offer the same vegetation amount and size. However, the physical characteristics of each population will be altered to population A1 with a beak length of 14 mm and population B1 with a beak length of 11 mm. Given the consistency and amount of controls, compared to the one and only variable being a major physical characteristic of the finch. I believe that the finch of population A1 with the longer beak will show a greater population growth for a longer period of time as compared to that of population B1 with the smaller beak to start the experiment. Materials

Materials used for this experiment are a computer, paper and writing instrument, and access to both the student website and...
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