Topics: Octopus, Passive voice, Voice Pages: 4 (1225 words) Published: July 29, 2013
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Greater [Make sure paragraph indentation is five to seven spaces or one tab stop] Blue Ringed Octopus By: Amilia Vlaminck
April 30, 2013

Mr. [Avoid using salutatory titles] Casner

Greater [Possible incorrect indentation] Blue Ringed Octopus, is the only one type of Blue Ringed Octopus out of a least 10 different species. They are called [The passive voice is a form of "be" (are) and a participle (called). Over-use of the passive voice can make paragraphs officious and tedious to read. Prefer the active voice. For example, passive voice = The paper was completed on time. Active voice = the student completed the paper on time. See Center for Writing Excellence > Tutorials & Guides > Grammar & Writing Guides > Active & passive voice] blue ringed, when after the bright blue rings that become visible when they are alarmed. Shown in...
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