Binge Drinking and College Students

Topics: Drinking culture, Alcohol, Ethanol Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Professor Brown
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Feb. 25, 2013
Formal Essay 3
Binge Drinking Among College Students
College is considered the first leap into independence for young adults. It is a strange, new place to discover and make a place for oneself for the next couple years to come. Sometimes this is the first taste of independence in a person’s life, which is not always a good thing. When a person is thrown into a place of responsibility and freedom there is almost always going to be new feelings of curiosity, rebellion, stress, and anxiety. These feelings are factors in why college students partake in binge drinking, but not the greatest one. I believe that the greatest factor of college binge drinking is the need to feel confident and accepted; a lot of the time, this comes from peer pressure. Binge drinking has become a huge concern in American society. There have been many proposed resolutions, but none have solved the problem at hand. Peer pressure is a huge factor in everything a person does in life. Naturally someone is going to want to “fit in” or “be cool,” as we sometimes hear, with his or her friends and peers. This is where the pressure originates from in American society. If one’s friends are always drinking and partying that person is going to feel isolated from any kind of social life. In turn, that person is going to want to “fit in” and is going to start fallowing their friends’ lead. Consequently, the act of binge drinking within a college atmosphere can lead to many complicated problems such as sexual assault, reduced school effort, health issues, and even death. Sexual assault includes rape and unprotected sex that can lead to problems down the road. Rape is a big enough concern as it is and the rate should not increase because of the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a person. However, that is exactly the case at some colleges. Research by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University showed that about ninety percent of...

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