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Binge Drinking and College Students

By maganchism Oct 23, 2008 667 Words
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Binge Drinking Among College Students
Many studies show that the majority of college students binge drink. Those who binge drink are more likely to be male, involved in a fraternity or sorority (Weschler, 1995), are athletes (Presley et al. 2002), and are more likely to be arrested for alcohol related incidents than other students (Leinfelt & Fredrik 2004). Students who binge drink show lower GPA’s, drug abuse, unplanned sexual activity, and drive under the influence while intoxicated (Vickers, Patten, & Bronars, 2004). Researchers defined binge drinking as the consumption of five or more drinks in a row for men and four or more drinks for women. (Wechsler, Lee, Kuo, & Lee, 2000) The purpose of this paper is review many studies that have researched the relation of binge drinking and gender, involvement in Greek affiliation and sports, arrests involving alcohol. (Gender differences among college binge drinking) A study taken surveyed over 140 colleges in America asking students about their drinking attitudes and behaviors, and includes an assessment of rates of binge drinking, campus and personal problems resulting from alcohol. Males are more likely to be involved in binge drinking. Females who are involved in binge drinking are associated with tobacco and marijuana use. Both male and female students that binge drink are associated with performing poorly on test, missing classes, and falling behind on school work. Those who engage in frequent binge drinking are more likely to use other substances and have independence on cigarettes, marijuana, and cocaine. They are also associated with driving under the influence of alcohol and are more likely to engage in unplanned sexual activity without adequate protection against STD’S or pregnancy. (Vickers and Patten, 2004) I researched and found that 50 percent of male students and 39 percent of female students are binge drinkers. Males also are arrested 561 times more than females on alcohol related offenses and totaled 63.5 percent of all student arrests.(Leinfelt, & Thompson, 2004) Regardless of gender more than half of college students are binge drinkers. (Binge drinking involving Greek affiliation and athletes) Students involved in Greek affiliation and students who participate in sports are more likely to binge drink. Greeks use alcohol as a vehicle to friendship, social activity, and sexual relationships. A content analysis was taken from North Dakota State University for students who were arrested for an alcohol related offense. 10.9 percents of all students arrested for an alcohol related offense belonged to a fraternity or sorority. Athletes that were arrested for an alcohol related offense compromised 5.6 of all student arrests. (Leinfelt, & Thompson, 2004) (Alcohol related offenses and binge drinking) 73.3 percent of the students who were arrested for an alcohol related offense were brought up on charges of underage drinking or illegal possession of alcohol, 13 percent were arrested for driving under the influence, and 14 percent of student arrests involved charges of a noisy party violation, open container, false identification, a minor in a liquor establishment, and selling alcohol to a minor. Student binge drinkers represented over one fifth of all alcohol related incidents. (Leinfelt, & Thompson, 2004) Leinfelt, F, & Thompson, K. (2004). College-student drinking-related arrests in a college town. Journal of Substance Abuse. 9, 57-67.

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