BIMS employee survey

Topics: Employment, Gender, Gender equality Pages: 2 (1186 words) Published: November 1, 2014
BIMS Employee survey report part 2 Team QNT/351 Date BIMS Employee Survey Report Part 2 Executive Summary After the previous report was rejected for its many faults, Ms Debbie Homer, the human resource manager to your company devised another plot to re-do the investigation. She came up with a number of questions that the conclusions and the recommendations of this report are all based. Below is a full and the most accurate report on the increased employee turnover rates and their reduced morale. Conclusions from the Data The observations led to the following conclusions The basic training done by the employee on recruitment is highly questionable as most employees showed discontent with the training both at the company level and the necessary educational level. The complexity of the training, failure of paying attention during training or rushing the training exercise to the extent that the employee fails to understand the whole process, could have caused the discontent among them . Poor training methods could be one of the many reasons that most employees find it hard to adapt to their new working environment which in turn causes decreased work output. The salary and the working hours proved to be a major challenge to the employees. Most of them showed discomfort with the working hours and the unsatisfactory salaries, which plays a big role in killing the employees morale and in turn puts the quality of work at stake. It is undisputed that, the best way to increase an employees morale and patriotism for the company is to ensure there is a good pay that is proportional to the working hours. The more the working hours, the more the employees tend to get fatigued, and they may try to find means of going out for long leaves to have some...
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