Billy Elliott Big World Speech

Topics: Gender, Billy Elliot, Gender role Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: October 11, 2014
“Challenges and overcoming the obstacles that one can experience in their transition to a new phase of life”

Good morning students and welcome to ‘Into the World Day’ at Newcastle University. Today I’m going to be speaking to you all about challenges and overcoming obstacles that one will experience in their transition into a new phase of life. The film ‘Billy Elliot’ composed by Stephen Daldry, and ‘Big World’ written by Tim Winton both display these obstacles one must overcome. ‘Into the World’ is best described as transitioning and growing from past experiences into your next stage of life and this transition generally contains obstacles and barriers as well as endless opportunities. Into the world is conveyed in Billy Elliot and isn’t an easy transition as he constantly faces barriers and problems that are set out by society, especially in relation to stereotypes. Billy has to fight against stereotypes and this is evident through the explicit dialogue of his father. The quote “Lads do football… Or boxing… Or wrestling… Not friggin’ ballet” display how society view gender roles and how masculinity and femineity are represented. This quote is backed up with the close up of Jackie’s face, which identifies his disapproval and anger towards Billy and his choice. Pauses are used to empathise and furthermore express Jackie’s frustration towards Billy for picking a more ‘feminine' sport. Another important scene that identifies gender stereotypes within Durham is when Mrs. Wilkinson arrives at Billy’s house after missing the audition for the Royal Ballet. Gender roles are represented in this scene by his brothers statement “I will not have a brother of mine doing fucking ballet”. The aggressive tone, the use of expletives as well as the high modality of “I will” explore that masculine gender roles are evident and are shown through the working class community. This creates barriers for billy in his life as he continuously strives to overcome the conformity to...
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