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Love and friendship plays a major role in everyday life. This is shown particularly well in the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephan Daldry. It is set in Everington in 1984, during the miners’ strike. Throughout the film love and friendship is portrayed in a range of different ways as Billy, the main character, has a different relationship with each of the other characters. The effective use of symbolic and technical film codes and the narrative elements; point of view, plot and characterization positions the viewers to challenge the stereotypical understandings of love and friendship. By applying symbolic codes the director has shown the relationship between Billy and his father Jackie Elliot to be quite unique. Throughout the film the relationship between Billy and Jackie change. In the beginning Jackie is very easily worked up, about the miners strike and the loss of his wife. This anger he takes out on his sons forcing them have to act very tough. In his time Jackie was a great boxer, therefore he wanted Billy to do boxing in order to become strong and fit. What Jackie didn’t know was that Billy was suffering greatly during these lessons, he just was not fit for boxing. Whilst Jackie was involved in the miners strike Techniques include the passing of the seasons, when he's doing that "angry dance" (u know when he dances like mad up the street when his teacher and family are fighting) the techniques are:- Hes in the small toilet room thing and he starts to dance and cant control it, then he bursts out into the yard (this represents his move Into the world), when he finishes dancing he hits an iron fence - represents barrier. The scene when he first begins ballet - hes on one side of the Barre and the girls are on the other is another barrier, shot of his boxing shoes in amongst the girls ballet slippers, the scenes where he was practicing dancing in the bathroom (the spin thing) represents his small world or being boxed in, but also his determination as time passes to get it right. Conflict between him and his father are shown particularly in the scene where Billy throws his whole mattress off his bed to hide the ballet slippers and his father comes in. The angle of the shots show Jackie as a powerful figure, his suspicisions of Billy and his sentimentality of the boxing gloves. The scene when Jackie catches Billy dancing with the girls the iron gate thing represents a barrier between Billy and Jackie I know theyre probably all jumbled up but I sorta wrote them as I thought of them. Hope that helps - Ive got heaps more written in my notes so if someones stuck and needs a hand email me at at least before 10.30pm tonight

Good afternoon teachers and students, today I am here to present a speech on the elective ‘Into the World’. The text that I have chosen to study is the film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry. The film is set during the 1984–1985 UK miners' strike, and centers on the character of 11-year-old Billy Elliot his love of dance, and his hope to become a professional ballet dancer. Billy lives with his widowed father Jackie, older brother Tony and his Nan, who once aspired to be a professional dancer. Both Jackie and Tony are coal miners out on strike. Jackie takes Billy to the Sports Centre to learn boxing like his father dad, but Billy struggles and dislikes the sport. He then happens upon a ballet class that is using the gym. Unknown to Billy's father, he joins the ballet class. When Jackie discovers this after the boxing coach mentions Billy's absence, he forbids Billy to take any more ballet. But, passionate about dancing, Billy secretly continues his lessons with his dance teacher Georgia Wilkinson's. After unintentionally seeing Billy dance, however, Jackie realises his son is truly gifted, and he will do whatever it takes to help Billy realise his dream. The film's final scene is set fourteen years later, when Billy has finally attained his goal: the mature Billy takes...
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