Billy Elliot- How Visual Techniques Develop Deeper Ideas in the Veiwer

Topics: Low-angle shot, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Billy Elliot Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Visual techniques are used in the film Billy Elliot directed by Steven Daldry to help the viewer develop deeper ideas about how society accepts homosexuality and other things that are usually looked upon as “not right “. Steven uses a range of visual techniques such as camera angles/shots, acting, and symbols to show us how people react when someone is seen as different and doesn’t hesitate to show it. Steven Daldry uses camera angles and shots in the film to show facial expression and how people are seen. By using shots such as close ups we see peoples reactions to events in the film, for example when Billy and Michael are dancing in the hall at Christmas time, Billy’s father Jacky walks in on them, a close up is used between Billy and Jacky’s faces, from these close ups we see the expression of confusion on either face. This shows us what the character thinks of the current situation. An example of the use of camera angles is where Billy is at the royal ballet school, a low angle shot is used to look down on Billy and Jacky to show how people see them on a social status. By using camera shots and angles in this film it helps us see how people look and judge others. Acting is used in the film to show us how people accept others whether it be homosexuality or other decisions that people do not see as normal behaviour. An example of acceptance in this film is where Michael places Billy’s hands inside his jacket to keep Billy’s hands warm. Billy asks if Michael is a poof, and Michael replies “ what gives you that impression” and kisses him on the cheek, billy then says to Michael “just because I do ballet doesn’t mean I’m a poof” Michael gets worried and asks Billy not to tell anyone, Billy then smiles and takes him to the hall. Billy shows acceptance through his acting by understanding what Michael is saying instead of an aggressive response. To show he doesn’t mind Michael being homosexual he smiles. By using acting in this film it helps us to...
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