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Title: How important is support in the film “Billy Elliot” Introduction: - General sentence
-Explain the film

Paragraph 1:
-Topic sentence
-Example ---- Family support
-Explanation ---- Family support is the key to pursue his/her dream. -Linking sentence
Paragraph 2:
-Topic sentence
-Example ---- in need of money urgently.
-Explanation ---- Billy’s family doesn’t have enough money. -Linking sentence
Paragraph 3:
-Topic sentence
-Example ----- The miner’s strike needs more people. -Explanation ------ In order to convince the government
-Linking sentence
Support is a very important key in the life of almost all living-things in this World. In the film “Billy Elliot”, there is a boy named Billy Elliot trying very hard to chase his dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. The director wants to show us that pursuing dream is not an easy task to do; one must have patient and effort in order to succeed. Although Billy has talents for ballet, but he lacks of family support. As like what the judges in Royal Ballet School said “In order for a child to succeed, he/she needs the support from family members”. As we can see, at the beginning, Billy seems to be sad . But gradually, his expressions change drastically, he is happier than in the beginning. At the start, Billy has many thoughts messing around in his brain. On one side, he feels that he really wanted to be a professional ballet dancer but on the other side, he doesn’t want his family to worry and angry because of him. He has a big time thinking which is the right thing to do. Because Billy’s dad and brother work as miners, their paid are lower than any other jobs. Because of this, Billy has difficulty pursuing his dreams. Even for Mrs Wilkinson’s ballet classes and George’s boxing classes, Billy already has trouble paying them 50 pence. Jackie got angry with...
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