Billy Elliot

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Practice essay writing.
27 July, 2010

Significant experiences in people’s lives provide opportunities for growth and development.

Write a persuasive argument to support this statement.

Introduction, including
• thesis (a summary statement that succinctly answers the question.) • both texts you are using and their composers
• a summary of what you are going to say in your essay.

• TEE(E)L paragraphs for each point you are going to make.

The progression of moving ‘into the world’ provides opportunities that can lead to growth and development. This change in an individual’s life is shown through significant experiences that force the individual to step out of their comfort zone and into the new world. Scene 10 in Billy Elliot is a scene that demonstrates the protagonist, Billy Elliot, confronting his father and family and dancing on the table. Daldry uses close up shots and editing between Billy, his family and Mrs Wilkinson, his teacher to show the tension between them and to emphasise the panic they are all in as Billy continues to confront his family’s comfort zone. The use of editing shots shows that Billy is caught between two worlds – the world of his ordinary life and tradition and the new world of dancing. The experience for Billy was significant: it allowed Billy to challenge the expectations of his family and provided him with an opportunity for growth and development.

• Overcoming gender stereotypes is essential
• Example – scene 4, Billy joins the ballet class.
• the eye level camera shot show dancers’ feet and shoes, • Billy’s boxing boots stand out – on the verge of moving into his new world • Breaks gender stereotypes.

• Opportunities provided – seemingly insignificant to important. • Scene 4 – emotional, physical, mental growth, translated into personal growth • Explain the example
• Link back to the question.

• Development of one’s self.
• Scene 16 – moving away.
• Close up shots – Billy...
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