Billy Bragg: Poem Analysis

Pages: 3 (613 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2016
Billy Bragg is writing a poem about the young boys and girls of America and at the same time portraying that America is not living up to what it is supposed to. In one way or the other, the tone is resentful and so some extent angry that little is known yet a lot of harm is going on around the great America. In the poem, Billy Bragg acknowledges that there are several individuals who are in America and staying with the hopes and dreams that they are one day going to have to go down just like the rest of the world. The author as well touches on the economic disparity that exists among the locals and as thus making it dream to only one said of the populace. In essence, Billy Bragg pleads with the authority and the population at large to come out and fight to save the world, to make it a better place for the future generations where discrimination will be minimal. The poem starts off by introducing the readers to the situation at hand. The author pleads that the young generation of America be saved from the dangers that surround them, which actually include themselves. He goes ahead to give a description of how the youths look like. Other than this, there is a positive sense as there seems to be hopes that America can come out at save the future generations. …show more content…
As per the poem, there are children who are staying in well off families and have everything at their disposal while there is another lot which is out there suffering with no place to call home. The poem as well touches on the discrimination in America where children are fed with negative stories of who to see as a friend and who to consider a foe. As thus, the poet attempts to express that the youth of America need to be brought up with the truth and not discriminating lies. They should grow up knowing how to associate and respect one another irrespective of their skin color or

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