Bills of Right Essay

Topics: Democracy, Women's suffrage, Suffrage Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: January 13, 2013
27 September 2012
Bills of Right
As we know and have heard from the media and from just the world, we understand and acknowledge that the government is a strong topic in our society today and its simply about making decisions and understanding how those decisions have been made for us to fully understand the universe. The government sets rules and priorities for the people of the United States to follow so that we as people could make the world a better and safer place as a whole. The three important amendments that are important to me is amendment 13 which is the abolishment of slavery, amendment 19 which established women suffrage, and amendment 26 which established the right to vote for those 18 and older. These three amendments are very important to me in some way because they show me without these this world would not be the same because these things has impacted us in such a way that its truly extraordinary and that its brought us along way.

Amendment 13 which was established on December 6, 1865 happens to be the most important to me because as an African American female my life could be totally different without this; instead of being in school learning about slavery I could be out at a farm picking cotton day to day. Thanks to President Lincoln my life was changed forever. There was a young slave named Chloe Cooley who had been tied to a rope and transported across the Niagara River. She was then sold to a man in the United States. It was told that any slaves in Canada had

Courtnee 1
no rights under the law so therefor she took it to court. Her case was brought before the Executive Council and the legislation repealed the Imperial Statue of 1790 allowing slaves to be brought into Upper Canada. In this case the court didn’t think that was anything wrong with that fact that a slave was being mistreated which differentiates from today’s society as we know it. That goes to show also that no matter how hard back then that blacks or African...
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