Billing System for Mnv Drugmart

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Chapter 1
Billing system at the present time, people behind large and small companies adopt modern technology in order to survive and compete with markets demands. Also, through the use of this, different transactions and processing systems have become computerized for greater ease and accuracy. Nowadays, many of the companies’ billing systems are not updated. Therefore, it will only alter the operations performed by many companies. In this study, the proponents proposed an update of the billing system for a certain company named MNV Drugmart. A billing system is a system for listing the transactions of the company to a certain customer or client. Many of companies use billing system for their transactions for an organized manner of transacting money and stocks. This study is about the billing system of MNV Drugmart where the proponents will develop the updated version of the existing system. The existing system of MNV Drugmart has also similarities to the proposed system for basis. Meaning, the concept of the proposed system will be similar to the existing system, but with more functions and more efficient processing of transactions

The updated version of the billing system will fulfil the beneficiary’s needs. For updating items, management of users, and a tight security for protected access of transactions and items.

Background of the Study
The proponents aimed to update the existing billing system for MNV Drugmart to make the system upgraded and perform at its best. MNV Drugmart comes from the surnames of the owner. “M” is for Mamangon, “N” is for Nolasco and “V” is for Vilaseñor and “Drug” comes from the drugstore and the “mart” is for supermarket. The owners are all registered pharmacist worked at Quirino Memorial Medical Center Project 4 Quezon City. Felisa Nolasco was the chief pharmacist of QMMC and Leorna Vilaseñor was a senior pharmacist and Celerina Mamangon was only a staff pharmacist, one year service at QMMC as chief and senior pharmacist. Both were not allowed to set up a business because they were both registered their license at Bureau of Food and Drug (FDA). Reason of MNV Drugmart registered as single proprietor under the name of Celerina Mamangon. After six months Lorna Vilaseñor gave up and ok to release and get her capital, so Nolasco and Mamangon were the remaining owner . Celerina Mamangon was the Manager of MNV Drugmart while Felisa Nolasco was surely a consultant with so very little capital, the sole supplier was Mercury Drugstore near St. Joseph church as COD basis; then Savemore Drugstore as weekly consignment for six months, after six months the company became qualified for credit charge of one month (PDC 120 days) to different big companies such as United Laboratories. Wellig Pharma and Metro Drugs and many suppliers. With that great opportunity given to MNV Drugmart to purchase all medicines and cosmetics of charge basis; MNV Drugmart got a chance to have another branch at Del Monte Avenue Glori’s Supermarket , then another branch at Malolos Glori’s Supermarket. System Overview

The main purpose of this system is to record all the transactions of the drugstore. It is able to update the database of the company for them to change the status of their stocks. The billing system includes search features to provide ease of access to the information of items. The new billing system of MNV Drugmart is a user-friendly system for employees. Therefore, it will not consume more time in retrieving the information of the item. Statement of the Problem

This study aims to develop and update the payroll system of MNV Drugmart. The study seeks answer to the question forwarded. 1. How would you expect the proposed system to perform
2. What will be the advantages of the proposed system from the existing system 3. How does the existing system perform, in terms of:
a. Speed
b. Accuracy
c. Productivity
d. Reliability
e. Efficiency
Objective of the Study
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