Billing and Payments Monitoring System

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1.1 Background of the Study
One of the most important things to remember when you have a business or a company is keeping records. Monitoring bills and payments are very important. People are assigned to different positions such as cashiers, treasurers, finance managers and others that involve handling money. Without such records, a company will not be able to keep track of their transactions, which would lead to negative results such as being broken or having more expenses than income.

The process of recording bills and payments are done in different ways. Most companies would do it manually, a cashier or any other qualified person would do the computations and write it down and keep it. Our client company, however, only has two people that have access to their records. In this situation, the cashier has no assistants so that the job is very difficult as she manages everything by herself.

The proponents intend to propose and develop a Billing and Payments Monitoring System for Minerva Trading; the House of Motorcycles Inc.; it would computerize the tiring manual process of writing everything down in paper. It would keep the records, and it would allow the users to keep track of their customers and their corresponding ledgers. It would show the total price and record factors that might affect changes in payment such as discounts and advanced payments.

1.2 Overview of the Current System
Our interview with Mr. Dustin Sacay the Officer in Charge of Minerva Trading, Novaliches branch and Ms. Rosie Pascual the cashier, went well as we talked about how we could help their company with the system that we intend to develop. They gave us all the data that we needed, and they were very cooperative while we were conducting the interview.

Our client, Minerva Trading; the House of Motorcycles Inc. the company that accepted our proposal had to do everything manually, they write all the transactions and records on papers....
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