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Computerized Payroll System for GTZ Printing Press
Conducted on S.Y 2008-2009(1st -2nd Semester)

A Thesis
Presented to the
Faculty of Computer Science Department
Asian Institute of Computer Studies
Caloocan Branch

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirement for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Santiago, Ma. Laarnie

Ms. Cecilia P. Abaricia

March 2009

I am find no words at my command to express our deepest sense of gratitude to the almighty GOD, the most Gracious, the most Merciful and the most Beneficent, who gives us the talent to complete this task successfully. He is the one who gave us the courage to do this. I am are much obliged to our beloved parents whose prayers have enabled us to reach this stage. At this occasion we can’t forget our parents for their guidance at the crucial moments of our life. I am are very thankful to Marmolejo Naryvic T. whose guidance is always with us. Who always encouraged us and his guidance us to complete this project. We are greatly thankful to our adviser Ms. Cecilia Abaricia who helped us in proposal writing and gave us a lot of helping material and suggestion. Her specific comments, corrections, critiques and criticisms were the most helpful.

The researcher would like to acknowledge the following persons in making this research work successful: Almighty God, for the gift of wisdom and strength in creating this kind of research work; Ms. Cecilia Abaricia thesis adviser, for her time, patience, and effort in sharing her knowledge in correcting this research work; Naryvic T. Marmolejo for his instructions and tips in the development of the system that was developed by the researchers. Mr. Alex Hipolito, Finance Officer, for sharing his expertise in payroll procedures of their company And above all to the Great Almighty God who give us strength, courage presence...

Bibliography: Appendices
Appendix A- Screen Layout
Appendix B- User’s Manual
Appendix C- Source Code
Appendix D- Data Dictionary
Appendix E- Profile and Survey Questionnaire
Appendix F- Software Evaluation Questionnaire
Appendix G- Software Evaluation Summary
Appendix H- Calculation of Statistical Treatment
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