Billboard Locations in Lahore

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Tourism Pages: 7 (1409 words) Published: November 23, 2008
Understanding advertising
What is advertising?
• The paid promotion of goods and services
• A means of developing a perceived want or need for a
specific product on the part of target markets
• A way of attracting the potential customer to the point
of sale
• A means of informing and communicating essential
Creating the right message
The advertisement should convey the following important
information to the potential customer:
• Introduce a particular product/service
• Explain the product or service
• Demonstrate its unique selling points
• Provide an indication of price
• Indicate where the product is available/distributed for sale Advertising and the tourism industry
Advertising in the tourism industry is somewhat different
to other industries. A holiday is an intangible product that the consumer can’t see or touch before they buy. Often the customer will pay for the product before experiencing it.
The battle for the tourism dollar is increasingly competitive. The modern tourist is adventurous and seeks an experience
with a high degree of participation. Given these factors and the wide choice of tourism product available, customers have high expectations of product quality and value for money.
With this in mind, advertising priorities should consider:
• Who would find your product most appealing?
• What are the potential customers’ needs and desires?
• What creative methods can be utilised to generate
interest in a particular product?
• What is the best way to reach these customers?
Even the most appealing product requires some form of promotion in order to maximise sales and financial return. Advertising can help raise awareness of a product and create an appealing product image.

Tips for creating effective advertising
Before spending any money on advertising, it is important
to conduct research to ensure an advertising campaign
will be effective and create a competitive edge. Consider
the following:
What do you want to achieve through advertising ie
sales, awareness for your product/service, requests for
information etc.
Target markets
The people who will find the product the most appealing.
It is important to not only consider demographic
information such as age, income and geographic location,
but to also identify the target market’s attitudes and how they think and behave towards the product/service.
Customer characteristics
How, when and where people make their travel choices
and what are their desired experiences.
When is the best time to speak to these customers? This
would be affected by seasonality and identified through
previous sales patterns.
The extent of product competition in the marketplace.
What, if any, additional services can be offered to enhance
the appeal of a product and what competitors are doing
along these lines.
What people are prepared to pay for similar products.
How a product is perceived in the marketplace by the
customer and its competitors.
Unique Selling Point/s
Understanding how your product is unique and what it
offers that is different from others in the market.
The different methods and mediums available.
Advertising alternatives
Be realistic about advertising options. Consider advertising in relation to what is regularly read and seen by target markets. Advertising takes on many forms and ranges in cost. Tourism
New South Wales is responsible for creating awareness
and encouraging visits to NSW through brand advertising
campaigns, including TV. Most small businesses cannot afford glamorous TV ads or other high cost advertising, but good
results can be achieved using cheaper methods, including:
Either distributed by hand, in letterboxes or inserted in
Print Advertising
Placed in local, regional or national newspapers, ethnic
publications, trade and tourist magazines, journals or
newsletters, and...
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