Bill C-31 and the Effects on Women

PS 111.3 Term Paper Research Questions
Due Date: November 23, 2011

Please choose ONE question below to answer in an argumentative essay. If you wish to alter or revise any of the topical questions, you must speak to Nicole to confirm.

Your essay should be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman 12 point font and 1” margins. It should be free from grammatical and structural errors, and include a bibliography. Your essay should use at least 2 academic sources (beyond your textbook) and use a consistent citation style (APA or MLA or Chicago). Failure to follow these guidelines will negatively affect your paper grade.

1. Describe and explain some of the major political issues currently facing indigenous peoples in ONE of the three democratic countries we are studying (Canada OR the US OR Mexico). What should these indigenous groups do to address these issues? What should federal governments do to address these issues? Choosing a specific case study or group would be helpful in illustrating your points. Bill C-31

Some of the major political issues we are currently facing in Canada is the way Bill C-31 is discriminatory towards women and how this is leading the Indigenous people with the rights towards genocide. The Bill C-31 Act was an amendment made to The Indian Act. It was created in 1985 in an attempt by the government to “restore the treaty rights of women who had originally lost their rights when they married non-Indians”. (insert foot note 1 from ) The Indian Act was a bill passed that
One way Indigenous people could combat this is by participating in elections. Another way would be to form their own political party.
Federal governments should support the needs and wants of Indigenous people because it is predicted that by the year ??? the Indigenous people will be the majority in Saskatchewan.
Choose a specific case study or group that would be helpful in illustrating your points…..NDP

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