Bill Sponsorship Speech (Click It Or TIcket PA)

Topics: Tram accident, White-tailed deer, Airbag Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: October 17, 2013
I am a great hunter.
I wonder if I am going to be on tv.
I hear the bucks clanging together.
I see an enormous buck.
I want to hang a big rack on my wall.
I am a great hunter.

I pretend I am bringing down a trophy buck.
I feel my heart beating wildly in my chest.
I touch the trigger.
I worry if I may miss.
I cry when I don’t shoot a deer.
I pretend I am bringing down a large white tailed buck.

I understand I am a great hunter.
I say that I will shoot a deer every time.
I dream that I shot a monster buck.
I try to be my best at hunting.
I hope I will be on tv.
I understand that I am a great hunter.

Click It or Ticket Act: Speech
Katy-Beth Brownfield
Why you should vote for this bill:
The Click It or Ticket Act is an extremely important act and should be passed. Buckling your seat belt while driving or riding in a vehicle may be the difference between life and death. This act requires all drivers or passengers under the age of 18 to have a properly adjusted and fastened seat belt and all children under the age of 8 to be in a child restraint system (carseat). The Click It or Ticket Act is expected to decrease post-crash injuries by 50%! I believe that this act should be passed for the benefit of our state. You should vote for this bill because it could considerably reduce the number of deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania. Please be careful on the roads. Other Facts:

-It only takes 4 seconds to buckle your seat belt; which could increase your chances of survival in a fatal car accident by 45% -In 2002, 32,598 people died in car accidents; 19,103 were NOT wearing seat belts - According to statistics published by the NHTSA, if 90% of Americans buckled up, over 5,000 lives could be saved each year

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