Bill Ryan

Topics: Factor X, Coagulation, Coagulation system Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Racquel Campbell
Nine Factors of Bill Ryan Job
Week 3 Case Assignment
Factor 1, Knowledge Required by the Position
Level 1-7 1250 points . Knowledge of a wide range of concepts, principles and practices of a professional or administrative occupation, such as would be gained through extended study or experience, and skill in applying this knowledge to difficult or complex work assignment. The reason why I picked Level 1-7 is because Mr. Ryans must know a wide range of information for his job. Some of the information he knows off the top of his head and other information he has to search for the correct response before he answers the customer question. He states this when he makes te comment about his favorite customer questions is the ones he have to do deep research for. Factor 2, Supervisory Controls

Level 2-5 650 points. The supervisor provides administrative direction with assignment in terms of broadly defined mission or function. The employee has responsibility for independently planning, designing, and carrying out programs, projects, studies or other work. The reason why I picked Level 2-5 is because Mr. Ryans supervisor is never mentioned. The general mission of giving customer service is mention. Mr. Ryans explain how he handles his day , he independently planed, designed, and carried out programs, projects, studies or other work. He does not deal with his supervisor on a consistent basis throughout the day. Factor 3 Guidelines

Level 3-1 25 points. Specific, detailed guidelines covering all important aspects of the assignment are provided to the employee. The employee works in strict adherence to the guideline; deviations must be authorized by the supervisor. The reason why I choose Level 3-1 is because Mr. Ryan refers to policy and procedure several times in the case. There are obviously guideline he must follow when it comes to his work. Whether it be the 24 hours the company has to reply to a customer’s email or, the guidelines for handling...
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