Bill of Rights Poem

Topics: Jury, United States Constitution, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Bill of Rights Poem

The Bill of Rights consisted of the first ten,

These little guys would be the first to amend,
Number one would clearly be the freedom of speech,
To be able to speak your mind, to be able to preach,
Mr. Two says we should be able to own a gun,
But let’s not shoot to harm, just to simply have fun,
Three would surely guarantee,
That noone would come into your home, not even the army,
Neighboring three would be Mr. Four,
Having the same ideas, they would not allow anyone to knock down your door, Doing this without reason,
Would be like a cruel act, some say it’s treason,
But to continue this poem, lets talk about five,
This one says you will not have to go against yourself, or in other words testify, Amendment number six surely has some tricks,
A speedy trial is allowed, it’s so fast, you won’t be able to pick up sticks, Number seven is the jury trial, think of them as angels at the door to heaven, But if proven guilty, there rings the bell, you’re sentenced to some time, that’s a rotten smell, Mrs. Eight likes to keeps things real, likes to make them straight, She says “let this be fair, do your time and then you’re life will be spared,” Amendment nine is there to reassure you that they can violate all of the above, She’s there to protect you, she’s an innocent little bird, lets call her a dove, We save the greatest for last, Mr. Ten,

He’s the greatest among all these amendment friends,
There are many debates,
But the fact is that all power not given to our government, is given to our states.
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