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Bill of Rights

By Dominic Miguel-Gonzales Oct 19, 2014 471 Words
Derek Matthew Gonzales
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Bill of Rights
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? The purpose of it is to save the Anti-Federalists because from the beginning, they thought that the Constitution favored a central government too heavily. They did not agree that the balance of power provided for by the Constitution prevented one branch from becoming too powerful. They were scared that the Congress and the court system were too far removed from the people of the nation and that the voice of the people was not likely to be heard. There are other things to know about the purpose of Bill of Rights. Here are three.

Firstly, the Bill of Rights was written to get the Constitution ratified. It was there to save the nation. The 55 delegates realized that for the new nation to succeed, they would to take away the Articles of Confederation and create a new government. However, many delegates were scared for a too powerful central government but others thought that the Bill of Rights were not needed, considering that the government had no authority to grant natural rights, liberty and property.

Secondly, Twelve amendments, a Bill or Rights, were suggested to limit the power of government. Of the twelve, ten found their way as amendments to the United States Consitution. Many of these Bill of Rights were created to British action during the colonial period. The first amendment continued the tradition of religious which the colonists found it difficult to secure arms to defend themselves against the British soldiers, leading to the second amendment, the third amendment did not allow the forced of attacking in someone’s home, the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th amendments were to uneven the British practices toward those accused of crimes. The 9th and 10th amendments limited the federal government’s power by granting powers which means that they did not granted to the federal government to individual states or individual citizens.

Lastly, the Bill of Rights had positive consequences on the safety of the people of the nation. The first amendment guarantees freedom of religion and protect the right of assembly. Freedom of religion gives the people the ability and the right to believe how they want without the government stopping them. That means people can have the ability to worship whatever God they choose and not be persecuted for it. The right of assembly gives the people to have the freedom to gather in a group and do anything that they want while still obeying the law.

In conclusion, the Bill of Rights were a list of limiting the government. It was meant to limit the power of the federal government. It was there to save the nation and ratify the Constitution. Also it was for the safety of the people of the nation.

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