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COM 225: Week 1 Quiz---

1) Media researchers at Ball State University found that people intentionally spend 30 percent of their waking hours with the media. True

2) Huge media companies looking to expand
a) have agendas that are invisible to most consumers.

3) The recent explosion in media sources has encouraged increased consensus-building. True

4) One defining characteristic of mass communication is it:
a) relies on technology

5) Demassification has contributed to the growth of
a) alternative media for narrow genres in the mass audience.

6) Newspaper, radio, television and magazine companies cannot survive unless they a) deliver an audience to advertisers.

7) Refusing to read, even though you have the capability to read, is called being alliterate.

8) About how many magazines are published in the United States?

c) 12,000

9) Photography and movies have relied on this technology throughout most of their history:
a) chemical technology

10) How are these international mass media outlets financed? _C__2 NHK TV networks & 3NHK radio networks in Japan a. the government _B___BBC in Britainb. fee paid when purchasing a TV set _A___Cuban newspaper Gammac. a reception fee on every TV set

11) Many newspapers have abandoned this type of journalism because of the high cost.

d) investigative reporting
12) _______ is the term for newspaper content that has been posted on the Web after it was published in the newspaper.
a) e-magazines

Each answer is worth 8 pts out of 100. That means you get 4 points for free!
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