Bill Gates Leadership

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Bill Gates is a modern business phenomenon. Bill Gates achieved his success through his leadership style, remarkable vision, and obsessive desire to win. He has distinguished himself as producing the top software for personal computers through his strong desire for success. Bill Gates has the characteristics of entrepreneurial leadership. He has found and operated an innovative business that developed a world renowned software. Bill Gates is a task oriented and charismatic person. He drives himself and others, but yet uses his personality to inspire others. His pure genius and leadership qualities took software to a level that was unmatched by anyone.

Bill Gates—The Microsoft Revolution

William Gates, better known as Bill Gates, has climbed up the ladder of success in the Information Technology world. He was born on October 28, 1955 to Mary and William Henry Gates II. His father was a prominent lawyer and his mother was a school teacher. While growing up, Gates showed a lot of intelligence and passion. He was fond of reading business magazines and always excelled in math and science. His parents, noticing his knowledge, enrolled him in Lakeside Preparatory School. While attending LPS, Bill was first exposed to digital computers while in the seventh grade. Gates, along with his friend Paul Allen, spent hours in front of a computer. He was so interested in computers that he would often miss class and not do his homework on time. In 1968, Paul and Bill formed the “Lakeside Programmers Group” (LPG). They always wanted to solve practical problems through the use of computers. In 1973, Bill entered Harvard University, however, left in 1975 to devote himself to Microsoft. In the late 1970s, Bill purchased an operating system from Seattle Computer for $50,000. He then licensed the operating system to IBM and other computer manufacturers to include its own version, which is how MS-DOS was created. The idea of Microsoft developed from...
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