Bill Gates

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Bill gates was born in Seattle washington. He was son of a lawyer. While growing up Bill had been told he would become a Lawyer like his dad but he didn't know exactly what he wanted to do in life. At the age of 13 He enrolled into a prep school and began to get a stronger education. During this time there was a small increase in technology not so much computers but other innovations that were coming out to help small businesses and companies. Some of the board members had bought the very first Teleprinter for the office. Bill was fascinated with this piece of machinery and slowly figured out how it worked and began to fiddle with it in his free time. Bill began to program this device in Basic script. He was fascinated how each time the computer could spit back something exactly correct with no errors. He made his very first computer program with this machine. It was a small script nothing more than a Tick Tack Toe game that you could play against the computer. He was basically excused from school as long as he was pressing his interest with the computer. He then started using a PDP-10 one of the first computers still big as a wall during his free time. This did not last long because he got banned from using the computer for exploiting the system and making his time longer on the machine. Gates Went thought all of his school still fascinated with the computer, He took pride in knowing alto about them and was naturally smart. Gates graduated the top of his class with a SAT score of 1590/1600 in the summer of 1973.That fall he enrolled in harvard with no actually set plan on what he was going to study. While he was in college he spent alto of time working with the computers that they offered. He met a few people, Steve Ballmer who will succeed Bill as CEO of Microsoft. And Paul Allen who had been one of the other students he has grown up with back in washington. The second program Bill had created was in college, He invented an algorithm to solve a...
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