Bill Becomes a Law

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Laurie Alva
American Public University
POLS 210
December 30, 2012
Professor Richards

How a Bill becomes a Law
A Bill becomes law when someone in the House would like to see a better America. The bill is supposed to benefit most of the American people. There are many different steps that need to happen before a bill becomes law. The first step is to get a Senator to sponsor the bill. This can come from several different groups. According to State House Tour Office, “This could be an original idea, or it could come as a suggestion from a constituent, an interest group, a public Official or the Governor.” (2001) The Second step is to get the LSA to write the bill in proper form. Then, it may or may not be called to the first reading. If the bill is called, it is read in the house that it original came from. If the bill gets called it is assigned to the proper committee. If the bill does not get called it will die. Then, when the bill advances, the person who introduced the bill will have a change to give a speech and voice its option about it. After this hearing, it the bill is too voted on, or it could be tabled. According to the State House Tour Office, “If the bill is tabled, it may or may not come back for a vote. If it does not come back for A vote, the bill “dies”. (2001)

If the committee decides to advance the bill it will be sent back to the original house for review. The legislators only have two days to review the bill; if they do not it will die. Then the Chamber leadership will have second reading on the bill to see if amendments are needed. If they are needed, they will have to have the majority of the votes to pass. Then after the amendment the bill has to go through a vote on the bill again. At this time the bill could die or advance. Then there is a third reading of the bill. Once again they may or may not call the bill to be read for a third time. If the will is not called again it will die. If it is called they still can make...

Cited: How a Bill Becomes Law. (2001) (accessed December 30, 2012)
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