Topics: United States, Bilingual education, Multilingualism Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: January 18, 2009

This site provides an argument that bilingual education should be completely integrated into schools. It attacks the old ways of forcing all English classrooms, and gives the idea that children should be allowed to speak their native language while in class while slowly learning English. The article argues that this concept is too tough for many people to understand.

This article is more of an informative one. The site describes the bilingual process with education, and how teachers attempt to integrate a student’s native language while teaching the student English along with other academic subjects. The article goes on to describe where bilingual education originated back in the 1970s. 1968 is when the bilingual education act was passed. Into the 1970s is when this became a more prevalent way to teach.

This web site hits on bilingualism in politics. Mainly on how Americans were not too quick to have bilingualism in politics, and how it has hurt our country in the middle Eastern war. The site gives information hitting the nail right on the head about America having a lack of Arabic linguist’s pre and post 9/11. If we would have had more linguists pre or post 9/11 we would have been able to translate more intelligence material to help with homeland security among other things.

This article is politically charged in the way of bilingualism in politics. It describes how Obama is a bilingual president elect, but Americans may not be able to relate to him. The reason Americans may not be able to accept Obama’s bilingualism is due to the fact that many Americans aren’t bilingual and will not see Obama as one of our own.


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