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ENGL 101 (Final Draft)
Essay 01
The Benefits of Learning a Second Language
In some part of the world, people didn’t get a chance to learn a second language and some countries get an opportunities to learn it. More or less people prefer not to learn it because they think they didn’t need it and they also think that learning a language that is not their own is extremely hard and a waste of time, but the results of learning a second language are very beneficial and is worth the time wasting. At the present time the development of society and economy are growing at a rapid speed, so languages have become more and more important in people’s lives. Learning a second language is a good way to communicate with people who are from different cultures and countries. Learning two or more languages can be beneficial because it offers people job advantages, improves their brain, delays brain diseases and much more. There are many benefits of learning a second language. First is that it gives people some job advantages. The first way that learning another language is beneficial because it gives people job opportunities. Many companies want people who can speak many languages because people who speak are bilingual can communicate and do businesses with overseas companies. Being bilingual can also provide people other jobs besides working in companies such as a translator, language teacher, and tour guide. Being able to speak another languages can also award people a higher position in their jobs resulting in a larger salary. “A 2010 study found that, in Quebec, men in bilingual positions earned almost 21% more than their unilingual Francophone counterparts, while women in bilingual positions earned almost 15% more than their purely French-speaking colleagues” (Louie, para.2). Moreover, if people choose to learn a commonly spoken language like French, Spanish, German or Chinese, people can easily travel to anywhere in the world and not have trouble at all in...

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