Bikini bottom

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Bikini bottom, A peaceful quiet town under the sea.
Today I’m going to tell you about the tv show called
Spongebob Squarepants, and my favorite characters.

Spongebob squarepants lives in a pineapple house in bikini bottom. he works at the krusty crab as a fry cook making krabby pattys. Unlike most people his favorite part of the day is going to work. He has a pet snail named Gary who is his best friend. He got his because he is always seen wearing square pants.

Patrick star is a pink starfish that lives under his rock house. He likes to sit around on his sand couch and watch his sand tv. He is not very bright and he loves to play stupid games with spongebob, like imaginary box.

Squidward teticles is a very grouchy squid. Even though
Squidward hates spongebob he happens to be his neighbor and also works at the krusty krab with him. The peacefulness of bikini bottom is often interrupted by the screeching of squidwards clarinet even though Spongebob and Patrick are too nice to tell him that he straight up sucks.
So he just keeps playing. Another on of hobies is painting.
He is very self centered, and he has a whole room of paintings that he has painted of himself

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