Bikers for Jesus Response

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Bikers for Jesus Responce
Since I was two weeks old I have been a member of the Catholic Church, and ever since I was five years old I have been enrolled in a Catholic school. With that being said, this means that every year up to the twelfth grade I have had a religion class teaching Catholicism, had weekly Mass, received four different sacraments, learned about the history of my religion and even learned a good bit about other religions too. When it comes to other religions I have learned that Catholics worship a good bit differently, and so when reading the essay, Bikers for Jesus, I disagreed with many of the things they said and did at this rally.

Dennis Johnson writes Bikers for Jesus as an essay telling the readers of a Rally held to convert people to a more holy and religious life. It shared many amazing stories that people told at this rally and many of the beliefs the people believe about God and his plans for humans. However, as I was reading this story my reaction was this feeling that I needed to correct it. So many things that were said by the preachers at this rally contradicted my faith and the things I have learned to be true.

In the beginning of the essay the first thing that really stood out to me what the simple fact that this was a religious rally. As Catholics, we really do not have things like this, and not because it is considered bad, it is just something we do not do much. As I continue to read I see where it talks about people who tend to keep quite about their religion. This is exactly how most Catholics are and I found this almost offensive. Catholics usually are not the people you see screaming on the television about how they love Jesus and how the devil is out to get those who are not one hundred percent perfect. Catholics are typically the type to follow their religion properly and hope that in return they will be let into heaven. You do not have to be upfront and open about your religion to be excited about our after-life...
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