Bike Trail Argument

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Biller Essay November 2, 2009 Argument Essay
Almost everyone enjoys taking a bicycle ride on a beautiful summer day. Many towns have wisely spent their money on building a bike trail. Mt. Pleasant, the town I live in, has never had a bike trail that I can remember of until recently. The town constructed a historical trail approximately fourteen miles long called the Coke and Coal Trail. Although it is a very grand trail already, it is still only new. The serious issue at hand is the many problems that action has not been taken on such as dangerous fallen foliage on the track, flooding issues, lack of monuments, and the violations of motorized vehicles prohibited, as well as insufficient numbers of volunteers and donations. Throughout the Scottdale/Mount Pleasant communities, volunteers must be not only aware of the various needs of the bike trail upkeep but be ready and willing to actively and consistently participate in those needs. The Coke and Coal Trailoffers an array of benefits to everyone in the community which qualifies it to receive contributions from everyone in the community. It is a peaceful and scenicgetaway. Furthermore, it is a place that can be enjoyed by people of all ages while benefiting them socially, mentally, and physically. The trail is also a place promoting unity between different people and places. Tom Balya, the commissioner of Westmoreland County, said “It’s nice that something like a bike trail can bring communities together.” The trail would not be possible without everyone giving their time and effort. While many participants have already played a role in the trail’s successfulness, there are needs that remain unmet. The trail is shaded by many graceful trees, however, after a rainstorm or very windy day many tree branches and logs are left lying on and around the trail causing an eventual problem. This could be a potential hazard to riders. A rider could easily fall off his bike and get injured because of loose tree branches...
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