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Topics: Minuet, Minute, West Virginia Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 31, 2005
The word is spreading, it doesn't matter what kind of event is held at Ace Adventure Center, the trails within the New River Gorge always offer up a unique challenge, and surrounded you with beauty.

The closest race of the day was in the men expert/pro division, with WVMBA point series leader TJ Platt (2:02:38) edging out Adam Weiford (2:03:13) and third place finisher Steve Hill (2:03:46) by less than a minuet to capture the division crown. Adam and Steve were able to gain some ground on their leader by posting some blazing fast second laps. In the women's expert/pro division, WVMBA point series current third place holder Betsy Schauer rode a gutsy unchallenged ride with a time of (2:32:20).

In the largest division of the day, the men's sport class, Scott Cardwell (1:09:53) had a dominating 13mile ride, beating his closest competitor Cliffton Gibson (1:15:50) by a full five minuets. Not far behind Cliffton rolled Jason McDaniel (1:17:04) for the third place crown. From the women's sport class Susan Wren (1:25:52) posted the fastest 13 mile time of all the women in the race, with women's veteran Laurie Johnston (1:33:11) taking away the second best time.

Some of the other first place finishers in their division, were Andy Forron (2:22:23) captured the single speed title. In the men's expert junior division JJ Ford ( 2:48:01), and in the men's expert veteran Gunnar Shrogren (2:03:32) each captured their titles. Gunnars time was the third fastest time of the day for the 26 mile course. The men's sport masters and men's sport veterans saw Doug Wayne (1:15:10) and Fritz Kessler (1:23:23) each capture their titles. For the big boys on the course Pete Iscaro (1:26:19) took the Clydesdale division. Chris Finch (1:12:02) was the first in the High school division. For the 8 mile section of the day, junior division Cory Chambers (1:01:08) held the fastest time, with Beginner Josh Cook (1:06:53) winning his own crown.

I have been lucky enough this year to...
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