Bigger Thomas

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Juan Hernandez
English 102

Society on Bigger Thomas
The people in different parts of the country blame society on the way that people become and act on their daily life. Can this be true to what the people speculate of some one that can commit murders? In the novel, Native Son, the character of Bigger Thomas seems to be composed by the mass racism of Chicago’s society looks to be the way he is shaped. Throughout the novel, Bigger shoes that he isolates himself and is alone; therefore, Bigger is trapped in a vicious cycle of violence and oppression. Wright presents, in Native Son, that the African American society in Chicago of the 1930s’ are still being oppressed by the rich powerful white society even though slavery has be abolished, hence, is why Bigger has been transformed to be an alienated individual from his own family and culture. The fact that bigger associates and lives among white people is a delinquency; therefore, the reality is that Bigger is guilty no matter what his actions are. Being alive and breathing is a crime in its self. The constant negativity of society can make an individual start thinking that they are antagonistic to themselves or in this case, Bigger. “Excluded from, and unassimilated in our society, yet longing to gratify impulses akin to our own but denied the objects and channels evolved through long centuries for their socialized expression, every sunrise and suet makes him guilty of subversive actions. Every desire, every dream, no matter how intimate or personal, is a plot or conspiracy. Every hope is a plan for insurrection. Every glance of the eye is a threat. His very existence is a crime against the state!” (pg.400) All the actions that Bigger takes are a constant reminder of how racism towards him still affects his every move he does. Bigger uses his instincts and acts the way the white society has seen black people for many years after he commits the murders. The attitude society gives Bigger, makes him...
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